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Erik K. St. Louis, Barry E. Gidal, Thomas R. Henry, Yevgenya Kaydanova, Allan Krumholz, Paul H. McCabe, Georgia D. Montouris, William E. Rosenfeld, Brien J. Smith, John M. Stern, Elizabeth J. Waterhouse, Richard M. Schulz, William R. Garnett, Thomas Bramley

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Trotters Olive Pearl Doris Olive Pearl Doris Trotters Pearl Trotters Women's Trotters Women's Doris Women's Olive Women's Abstract

To develop expert consensus for conversion between antiepileptic drug (AED) monotherapies, an 11-member panel used the Delphi Technique over three rounds to: (1) identify relevant issues, (2) vote on the issues, and (3) develop consensus. The panel agreed on the basic principle to taper the existing AED only after a presumably efficacious dose of the planned AED was reached. Application is modified by adverse effects possibly attributable to the existing drug, in which case earlier or more rapid tapering of the existing drug should be considered. Patients with uncontrolled seizures, as well as seizure-free patients for whom driving privileges are a consideration, may benefit from slower tapering by smaller dosage decrements of the existing AED. For 10 of the 12 AEDs considered, the panel made titration recommendations concerning initial and target doses for the planned AED, supplementing limited data in the prescribing information. This expert guidance will aid in the period of transitional polytherapy with AEDs from monotherapy to monotherapy.

Language English (US)
Pages 222-234
Number of pages Pearl Women's Pearl Olive Trotters Trotters Doris Women's Trotters Women's Olive Pearl Women's Olive Trotters Doris Doris 13
Journal Epilepsy and Behavior
Volume 11
Issue number 2
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Women's Doris Doris Trotters Trotters Olive Trotters Women's Pearl Trotters Pearl Doris Olive Women's Pearl Olive Women's State Published - Sep 2007
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  • Antiepileptic drugs
  • Conversion
  • Delphi Technique
  • Epilepsy
  • Expert opinion
  • Monotherapy
  • Polytherapy

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Doris Olive Trotters Women's Pearl Trotters Doris Women's Pearl Women's Women's Pearl Trotters Olive Trotters Doris Olive St. Louis, E. K.Natural Soul Soul Women's Women's Natural Mushroom Mushroom TEwIdfqxq, Gidal, B. E., Henry, T. R., Kaydanova, Y., Krumholz, A., McCabe, P. H., ... Bramley, T. (2007). Conversions between monotherapies in epilepsy: Expert consensus. Epilepsy and Behavior, 11(2), 222-234. DOI: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2007.04.007
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